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lunch special


romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan, caesar dressing.
romaine lettuce, spring mix, artichoke hearts, capers, tomato, onions, kalamata olives feta cheese, cucumbers, kalamata feta dressing.
tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted red peppers, balsamic vinegar, olive oil.
red onions, walnuts, gorgonzola, tomatoes, cucumbers, gorgonzola dressing.
two crab cakes, romaine lettuce, spring mix, pesto, chipotle aioli, balsamic vinegar, olive oil.
romaine lettuce, eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken, bacon, pepperoncini, avocados, gorganzola, red pepper ranch.


meat, cheese, or spinach ravioli, or tortellini, your choice of: marinara, alfredo, tomato alfredo, red pepper alfredo, or bolognese.
choice of: marinara, bolognese, alfredo, red pepper alfredo, tomato alfredo.
meat lasagn, choice of: marinara or bolognese
penne, bell peppers, tomatoe sauce, italian sausage, parmesean, feta.
choice of: bologne/marinara
mushroom, peas, and sun dried tomatoes alfredo or creamy pesto.
seasonal vegtables, penne, chicken, corn, roasted red pepper alfredo.
spaghetti, pancetta, egg yolk, peas.
spaghetti, tomatoes, basil, creamy lemon caper sauce, catfish.
fettucine, marinara, choice of: chicken, veal or eggplant.


mozzarella, pizza sauce.
mozzarella, mushrooms, jalapenos, onions, sausage.
mozzarella, parmesan, mushrooms, roasted bell peppers.


fried chicken breast, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, chipotle aioli.
meatballs, marinara, mozzarella, peppers, onions.
beef and lamb gyro meat, tzatziki, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, pita bread.
lb burger, chipotle aioli, tomatoes, american cheese, lettuce, onions, fries.
mushroom and bell peppr gravy, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegtables, tilapia.
mushroom and bell peppr gravy, mashed potatoes, seasonal vegtables, chicken.


We reserve the right to add 18% gratuity to parties of 6 or more.